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Last modified: Mar 18, 2022

It’s time to connect

Instructors & Students

Arqmy is an advanced marketplace that works as a Learning Management System to manage On-site (Instructor-led / Classroom) Courses and Workshops. It provides a connection between instructors and students, based on location, date, time, price among many other criteria.

From now on, instructors can market and manage their On-site Courses and students can easily find the desired course with a suitable instructor using many search features, as well as a money guarantee.



-          For the instructor

o   Full automated process to manage the courses and their rounds

o   Postpone course round

o   Cancel course round

o   Students attendance system

o   Notification system


-          For the students

o   Comments system

o   Evaluation system

o   Complain system

o   Different payment gateways including pay direct to instructor 

o   Notification system


Which countries does Arqmy support?

Arqmy is available in all countries using the feature of paying directly to the instructor. We are working on opening the other types of payment gateways like Paypal and credit cards, and we will announce you in which countries these tools will be available.

Does Arqmy ready to be used?

Yes, of course! Although Arqmy is now in a beta phase, but it is ready and waiting for your activities. Also, Arqmy team will be appreciated by your recommendations, ideas, comments and complaints trying to do our best for supporting you professionally. You can send us through the Contact us page.

What are the fees for using Arqmy?

You don’t need to pay anything until you start your course and gain money. Arqmy will take an admission fee as a percentage from the course fees on two services; 

(1) The payment is done through our payment gateways, 

(2) The student knows about the course from Arqmy.

If the student knows about the course from you as an instructor and paid directly, then Arqmy is totally free of charge.

Our aim is to be your assistant to support you, and not a shareholder in your course. We will do our best to be a strong supporter to you without being loaded on your earned money.

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